The 2017 Dambusters Charity Ride – “The Grand Slam Challenge”

The whole Dambusters Charity Motorcycle Ride team was up and through breakfast at the Hotel am Wall in Soest by 7.30am. We had a long hard ride ahead of us, the Grand Slam Challenge! The task was to ride to and visit each of the mainland locations where 617 Squadron dropped the Grand Slam bomb in the closing weeks of the Second World War arriving at our evening venue in Hamburg by 7pm that evening!

  1. Start : The Mohne Dam
  2. Schildesche viaduct at Bielefeld (14th March 1945)
  3. Railway bridge at Nienburg (22 March 1945)
  4. Railway bridge at Arbergen 21 March 1945)
  5. Railway bridge near Bremen (23 March 1945)
  6. Valentin submarine pens at Farage (27 March 1945)
  7. Fink II submarine pens at Hamburg (9th April 1945)

The weather stayed kind to us and the rain largely held off until after we had all safely reached Hamburg … and all riders had managed to find and visit all of the Grand Slam Challenge targets despite long motorway miles at times, even a rear tyre puncture ….

As with previous years rides there was much good humour, camaraderie and banter along the way.

You can watch a personal view of the Grand Slam Challenge below:

Dambusters2017 Day 3 The Grand Slam Challenge V1 from Dambusters Charity Rides on Vimeo.

All ended at the Fink II U-Boat pens in Hamburg with a ‘Team Photo’ before an great evening of food, beer and conversation in Hamburg …


“The Dambusters Charity Ride is a fantastic way to learn about important historical events that shaped this Country and made it what it is.  I learned so much about the Dambusters raids I was embarrassed! The ride across Germany and the visits to the Lancaster Bombers Crash sites was humbling, and the opportunity to raise money for some great Charities made it all the more worthwhile. Dambusters is a great event so register to ride with the Grand Slam Challenge in May 2017, get on your bike and get stuck in!”

Tim Kenney, Dambusters2013 & 2016 Rider.


“Motorcycling with great people, for good causes, to fascinating historic destinations.”

Geoff Meade. Dambusters rider 2013, 2014 & 2016.